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Racking Safety Audits & Repair

  • Audits form a part of a company's safety system.
  • Audits not up to date = non compliance with legislation!
  • Conduct regular independent audits.
  • Maintain Pallet Racking to AS 4084-2012
  • Provide a documented record.
  • Provide visible safe load and maintenance signs
  1. The financial cost of a rack failure is too high in comparison to the relatively small financial outlay of a maintenance program.
  2. Unmaintained pallet racking is potentially dangerous to personnel.

RSA are specialists in the field of pallet racking safety audits and repairs. Providing the assurance that the pallet racking in our clients facilities is maintained to Australian Standards *. With the introduction of the new National Safety System, now more than ever we are all being encouraged to be more aware of our workplace safety responsibilities. Asset maintenance and audits are an essential contributor to achieving a safer work environment. To neglect these basics may lead to financial penalties and / or injuries.

RSA will audit, service and repair any known brand of Pallet Racking.

When it comes to good practice, an Australian Standard is your industry expert.

* ( AS 4084-1993/AS 4084-2012 - Australian Standard - Steel Storage Racking )
The requirement is for at least a minimum of one audit a year.

Extract from AS. "9.2 INSPECTIONS: Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least every twelve months".

Pallet Racking - Safety audits and repairs. Included in our auditing is the supply of the RSA Steel Racking register for each site. This register is held on site by the warehouse manager as proof to any authority i.e. Work Cover if there was a steel rack inspection or incident. The register proves that the racking has been audited and a maintenance program is in place.

One point of contact....Most organisations have multiple brands of racking across their facilities, we will audit, service and repair any brand that is engineered to the A.S.

The Racking Safety Audits Pty Ltd racking inspection will include:

Each Site

  • The supply of a pallet racking audit register for each site, to be held on site for future reference and future audits.
  • The report as scribed on the day detailing the damage and the location of that damage and the actions required to restore the racking back to a safe working standard.
  • An electronic copy of the report sent via email after the data has been transferred from the scribed report.
  • Provide a quote after the date of the audit to supply all materials and labour for the repairs as detailed in the audit report.

Head Office

  • A Master log for all sites.
  • The electronic copy of the audit.
  • A quote to supply all materials and labour for the repairs as detailed on the audit report.
  • Damage reports are broken into 3 grades:
    • RED for immediate repair
    • ORANGE to be repaired as soon as practicable and
    • GREEN which is to be monitored for any change.

Note: RED will need immediate action on the day; this process may involve the unloading of the racking of all pallets in the immediate area. Racking Safety Audits would supply materials and carry out repairs asap to allow utilization of the storage.

RSA would record in the site audit register the date of the audit and supply a copy of the audit for the site register.

RSA provides a quote for the repairs.


RSA is able to inspect other brands of racking. These inspections would be to the Australian Standards. All materials used in repairs for this racking would be OEM materials. Where Safe Working Load signs, materials etc are required these would be included in the quote for repair. Where RSA is unable to repair etc due to the racking either no longer manufactured etc RSA would advise immediately.

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